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Saturday, February 2, 2008

sketchy business...

just thought i'd utilize the software i have....
i haven't really "sketched" digitally a whole lot, i've mostly used the manga studio program for finished work....like the webcomic. i do sketch the webcomic out in blue pencil on the computer, then ink it...but i thought today it might be cool to work with the digital graphite.



Kevin McHugh said...


I am afraid I don't really now you that well and have just stumbled upon your blog from Digital Webbing....

But I really like your style and would like to work with you on something. I know this may seem a bit forward but I just wanted to throw the question out there and see if you are looking for work.

Forgive my ignorance if you are something of a big cheese on the Indy circuit and I have just offended you but I really like your style and would love to try and put a project together with you.

Thanks for reading this and maybe even taking the time to reply.



dam said...

hey kev.

i'd like to thank you kindly for the interest, but currently i'm a little busy. i may have already biten off more than i can chew, so i'm going to have to decline your offer for now. i'll check back with you, and maybe we can work together in the future.