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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

how the hell does a book about a character with a costume this f-ing cool get canned? i'll tell you how, no one bought it.
boooooo. shame on all those that decided to "wait for the trade"...don't you undrestand that if noone buys the individual issues, the isn't going to be a stinking trade. what the eff?
anyway, this is shadowhawk, one of image comics originals...created written and drawn by jim valentino. pick up every issue you can find, so i can start to feel good about the career choice i've made.



Kirk said...

The character never seemed to draw much attention. I remember when they first into-ed the character.

They never put an artist on him that would have given him, his own identity. I remember seeing some pages of him you did on the drawing board, that is about the coolest I have ever see the character look or carry himself.

There seems to be so many comics out there that it can be real tough for new ones to make any headway.

Keep up the great work Seth, like your illustrations.

dam said...

thanks man, i've always liked this character and wondered why he never took off...
being a former "tracer" of jim valentino, i never would have thought it was the art, but i guess you're right, it just doesn't "stand out" like a "hot" artist would.
hopefully one day i'll be able to take a forgotten character like this and make it pop...hell, any paying gig would be nice right now. :)